'Light Moves' Lost Object piece in Beacon, New York. Part of the Beautiful Times tour with Amanda Marie.  Our friends Dan and Kelene from Thundercut / Open Space Beacon / Electric Windows made it possible.  Photos here from several nice neighbors: Alan Goldsmith took the one on the bottom, Ethan Harrison took the grayscale, the 2nd and 4th from Christine Seymore, and the top one I took ;)

Lost Object work called Missing Ship for the 2 person show Beauty / Beast at Master’s Projects in DUMBO with Amanda Marie .  This was a breakthrough piece for me as it was the first I’ve made where the primary material is cardboard.  Also pictured are some Abandoned Paper collage pieces from the Pre War Stories series. Check out the Artsy page to see each a bit better. : )  

'Wide Range' Lost Object Install at Futuristic Films in Denver, Colorado as part of the beautifultimes tour .  

My main ‘lost object’ piece for the recent ‘Balancing Act’ show at CAVE Gallery in Venice, California was the total ‘revamp’ of their wrecked up courtyard.  I used materials found in the yard, and from along hwy 1, and leftovers from the ‘Wandering Bonanza’ show at Shooting Gallery from a few months back.  I really like the way it looks at night with the garden bulbs, and I included lots of shelves and places for plants to go so that Tanya and Patrick from CAVE could really use the courtyard as a garden now…also built Patrick a ‘secret passage’ closet / ‘the acid is too crazy’ hideout.  Got bit by a scary spider while working on this. ;)  A few of the gallery install shots are also here.  Amanda Marie had an amazing mural in the space and strong works on paper and canvas.   Was fun to do a two person show with her.

Recent mural up in Brooklyn…all the junk collected within a 4 block area…It was cool…interacting with the people…they would see me collecting the junk, then pass by later and see it going up…and give smiles and props.  I enjoy New Yorkers.  A really rad neighborhood with all walks…I Loved it.  I have the feeling I could make one a week in that same hood with no trouble at all…so much stuff.   This one is ‘Pass Through #1’.  Nice mention on Brooklyn Street Art … last image in this set if from Jaime over there…thanks dudes.  If you want to see it, go down Dean Street between Franklin and Classon

Install images from the ‘Shapes Making’ exhibition at Kallenbach gallery, March 2014. Can see the smaller individual works from the show on the Kallenbach tictail here.  

Install shots and shots of individual small lost object pieces for the White Walls / Shooting Gallery exhibition ‘Wandering Bonanza’ January 2014. Nearly everything for the exhibition was collected along the Loneliest Highway in America, HWY 50, in Colorado, Utah, Nevada and finally California.  I did pay for two cans of spray paint, and two balls of twine, and a box of screws.  

Was a participant in the Caleidoscoop project in Wynwood in Miami this year during ArtBasel week.  These are shots of the mural I made ‘From Here To There’ and some pieces by Like Minded and Favela Painting project.  Found all the junk at the airport which was super convenient with my rental van.  

'Crushing Blow' was made in tandem with artist friend Anna Taratiel (OVNI) .  Check out her very amazing work hereso  .  This piece was built in the courtyard behind the old Battalion space. 

Clever Disguise - Mural for the home office of knitwear designer Stephen West of WestKnits .  Stephen was a huge help with this one too.  It was a fun team project.